Leaving the tourist areas

Many cities in Peru have relatively concentrated ‘tourist areas,’ and one way to stay safe is to stick to these areas places, call taxis from your hotel and use other precautions that may limit your full experience of the city.

Traveling safely through Peru by bus

Peru is a great country to backpack in as it is rough, cutting edge and still very unexplored. Add to this the wild life, wonderful people and untouched nature and you have a summary of all the great things that make Peru so unbelievably great to travel.

Miraflores´s cafes

I arrived in Peru, a country many travelers visit in order to embark on multi-day treks without any contact with civilization, lugging a laptop and a fair amount of work to get done.

Eat safe in Lima with our practical food-tips

No matter where you go in the world, a person needs to eat! Hence, the questions quickly turns into; how is the food in Lima, is it spicy at all, what should I avoid, is everything clean and fresh and what to do when the food decides to turn on you?

The Nice Beaches of Miraflores

By Morgan Addams

I awoke this morning with a desire to go to the beach. From the Pariwana Hostel, I started to walk west toward the water and away from the sun. Along the way there are many stores one could shop at, literally something for everyone and every need.

The great park of Miraflores

By Morgan Addams

Today I decided to spend the day visiting the parks of Mira Flores. Right in front of the Pariwana Hostel there is John F. Kennedy Park. With plenty of benches, to sit on, and people selling their goods, talents, and crafts. There is also a playground for children to have fun too.