Hiking the Inca Ruins in Cusco

There are several Inca ruins just outside Cusco, and the map that Pariwana Hostel provides upon arrival has an adventure trekking route through these ruins. It’s best to do this after you’ve acclimated to the altitude for at least a day, and plan to spend at least five hours. Bring lunch, water, and sunscreen!

Should You Stop in Urubamba?

Cusco is just the beginning of an adventure to see all the great Incan ruins of the Sacred Valley. Pariwana Cusco is a superb place to get you ready, and possibly to team up with other backpackers to head out into the valley. There’s so much to see, and you’ll have to consider time when deciding if stopping in Urubamba is a good idea.

Places to go around to Pariwana Cusco

From Pariwana Cusco hostel, you’re close to everything in Cusco. It’s really redundant to point that out, because once you get there, you’ll see for yourself that Pariwana’s Meson de las Estrellas is a quaint street connecting to Plaza San Francisco.

Pariwana's Best Bar Nights

Pariwana Cusco’s bar is a great place to socialize and meet other adventurous backpackers traveling through South America and Peru. The artwork is big and dominating, and the tables are large, not unlike the tables you might find at a German beer fest.

Leaving the tourist areas

Many cities in Peru have relatively concentrated ‘tourist areas,’ and one way to stay safe is to stick to these areas places, call taxis from your hotel and use other precautions that may limit your full experience of the city.