These Terms and Conditions (Conditions) set out the basis on which Pariwana Hostels (as defined below) will provide accommodation and other products and services at its hostels to Customers (as defined below) and Guests (as defined below). By making a Booking (as defined below) the Customer agrees to comply with these Conditions.


1.1 In these Terms and Conditions, unless the context requires otherwise, the following expressions have the following meanings:


2.1 Customers can request Bookings via Pariwana Hostels’ website or by contacting Pariwana Hostels’ staff at the Hostel.
2.2 When requesting Bookings, Customers will be required to provide some information including, but not limited to, their name, nationality, document type and number, estimated time of arrival and email address.
2.3 No request for a Booking should be deemed to be accepted unless and until Pariwana Hostels confirms its acceptance and provides a confirmation email with all the details, at which point the booking will take effect.
2.4 Booking Extension: If the Customer wishes to add one night to its Booking, he must inform it at the Front desk at least 24 hours before his check-out, adjusting to the availability of the hostel. Pariwana Hostels does not guarantee that the guest can stay in the same bed or room after a Booking extension.
2.5 Group Booking: For group bookings (more than 1 person) in shared rooms, Pariwana does not guarantee that all group members will be in the same room. As well, Pariwana does not guarantee a room will be exclusive for group members. However, Pariwana will try its best to do it. For group bookings (more than 6 people) Pariwana will ask for a prepayment, minimum  50% of the total amount, otherwise Pariwana could cancel the booking or won't guarantee  it. 
2.6 Maximum stay: Bookings are not allowed for stay longer than 15 days. Exceptions may apply after confirmation, by mail of Pariwana Hostels’ staff.
2.7 Subject to clause 5 (cancellation policy), it will endeavor, insofar as possible, to accept any request from the Customer to change the Booking Details, even if the requests to change the date or extension the Booking stay or addition of products or services will be subject to their availability and the Customer must pay for the extension of the stay or the products or services according to the current rates of Pariwana Hostels.
2.8 Pariwana Hostels does not accept Booking made by minors under 18 years. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to the automatic cancellation of the Booking, without the right to refund.


3.1 Check-in and Check-out: Check-in is from 2:00 pm and check-out is until 11:00 am. If Guests arrive earlier, Pariwana Hostels offers common areas available for waiting while the assigned room is ready.
3.2 Early check-in: This service has a cost of 50% of the rate per night and will be applied in case the beds reserved is available at the arrival of the guest. This service will be applicable from 7 am on the day booked, the entrance before this time is considered as an additional night for which you must pay 100% of the room rate per night.
3.3 Late check-out: If the guest does not check-out at the indicated time or keep their belongings in the room after 11: 00hrs; a supplement equivalent to half of room rate will be charged as "late check-out fee". Every "Late check-out" should be requested by the guest in advance at recepction and will depend on availability.
3.4 If the guest or his belongings are kept in the room after 18:00 hrs, the charged supplement will be for an additional night.


4.1 The Charges will be as quoted by Pariwana Hostels to the Customer upon the customer’s request for a booking.
4.2 Unless otherwise agreed by Pariwana Hostels, the Charges only cover the provision of accommodation at the Hostel and the Customer may incur additional charges such as, for example, meal charges, transportation service, among other services (the "Additional Charges").
4.3 Customers will be informed of the amount of the Additional Charges before they are incurred.
4.4 All payments can be made in local currency or in US Dollars (US$) using the local exchange rate. Credit and debit cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Dinners. Consider the applicable taxes detailed in point 4.7.
4.5 Advance charges: Pariwana Hostels may request an advance deposit of at least 50% to guarantee a booking whose stay is longer than 7 days or includes more than 2 private rooms. This deposit may be required for other types of bookings if the dates of stay coincide with festive seasons, previously informed by the staff of Pariwana Hostels when requesting the Booking.
4.6 If it is necessary to charge an advance, the booking department will contact the Customer to coordinate the process. Confirmations about the deposits will be made in a maximum of 48 hours and exclusively by email.
4.7 Room rates do not include taxes, they may suffer the tax surcharge according to the laws of each country:
4.7.1 Taxes in Peru:

4.7.2 Taxes in Chile:


5.1 Standard Rate:

5.1.1 Pariwana Hostels has a free 72-hour cancellation policy, unless an exception has been agreed between both parties, in advance and in writing. Failure to comply with this period will entitle Pariwana Hostels to charge the Customer for the Penalty or No-Show.
5.1.2 In case the Customer requests a cancellation or modification within 3 days before his arrival, Pariwana Hostels will charge 100% of the first night of his Booking as penalty.
5.1.3 In case the Customer does not arrive at the hostel on the day of his check-in, Pariwana Hostels will charge 100% of the first night of his Booking for the No-Show concept, adding the local tax of each country.

5.1.4 If the customer has not duly informed of the cancellation in virtue of clause 5.1 or does not attend (no presentation) to the Hostel, the booking will be considered canceled and the customer will have to pay the Hostel an amount equivalent to the charges applicable to the first night of stay in the Hostel.

5.2 Non-refundable Rate

5.2.1 If the Customer has been offered a promotional room rate on condition that the booking is not canceled (Non-refundable Rate), provided that the Customer has been informed of such condition, the booking cannot be canceled and the Charges applicable to that booking must be paid in full.

5.3 Pariwana Hostels may at any time cancel a booking in the event of unavailability due to circumstances outside the control of Pariwana Hostels, in which case Pariwana Hostels will pay the customer the full refund of any charges and/or early deposit that the customer has made prior to your arrival at the hostel.


No person who does not comply with the following policies will be admitted as a guest:
6.1 It is necessary to have a booking to access the services of Pariwana Hostels.
6.2 The check-in of guests without an original identity document is not allowed. Passports will only be accepted and, in the case of travelers from South America, official identity cards.
6.3 The check-in of guests without luggage, with only handbags, wallets, small briefcases or similar is not allowed. The hostel may cancel the booking of a customer in case it does not comply with this requirement, no refunds will be made for advances received.
6.4 The check- in  of guests under 18 is not allowed.
6.5 It is not allowed the entry of people in a state of intoxication, under the effects of narcotics or carrying drugs, weapons or sharp objects. Likewise, the entry of animals of any kind is not allowed.
6.6 Guests are not allowed to carry out any type of economic or commercial activity inside the facilities of Pariwana Hostels.
6.7 The entry of people who have caused problems in any other locations of Pariwana Hostels and/or other lodgings will not be allowed. The check- in of people whose first intention was to access the bar of Pariwana Hostels will not be allowed either.
6.8 The benefit of registering an additional person is applicable only for Booking in private rooms, if guests comply with all the previously indicated policies.
6.9 Those Customers with any special requirement associated with a disability must inform the Management team of the Hostel before the Arrival Date.


7.1 Customers should behave properly and ensure their guests have a reasonable and responsible behavior in the Hostel, refraining from acting in a way that bothers other customers. Failure to comply with this requirement may involve the invitation to the Guest to leave the Hostel, in which case all the Charges incurred during their stay must be paid in addition to any penalty for damage to the property (in case there is any).
7.2 The Customer will be responsible for any loss or damage that his Guests or visitors cause to the Hostel. Pariwana Hostels can hold the Guests responsible for any cost of repairing, cleaning or replacing damaged, dirty or lost Pariwana property.
7.3 It is the guest's responsibility to keep their belongings insured within the hostel's facilities. Pariwana offers free lockers inside the rooms and at the reception. The Guest must carry their own padlock to be able to use it. Pariwana is not responsible for any loss.
7.4 Pariwana Hostels will block the account of the guests that exceed the limit amounts established in each hostel.
7.5 The Guest must wear his wristband during the entire stay and show it to the staff of Pariwana Hostels when required.
7.6 If any illegal activity (theft, sale and/or consumption of drugs, prostitution, carrying weapons, among others) is detected within the premises of Pariwana Hostels, these will be sanctioned and reported to the corresponding authorities.
7.7 Change of bed: In case the guest wishes to change bed and/or room during their stay, they must inform the Front Desk in advance. If the guest makes a bed change without informing, Pariwana Hostels will charge 100% of the cost of the additional bed in the guest's account.
7.8 Smoking is not allowed inside the hostel, it is only allowed in the indicated open spaces.
7.9 Consumer and their Guests may only consume alcoholic beverages purchased from Pariwana Hostels in the Hostel. In the facilities of Pariwana, is not allow to consume any type of alcoholic beverage acquired outside the hostel.


8.1 In the case that Pariwana Hostels violates these Conditions or commits acts of negligence, it will be liable for losses or damages suffered by the Consumer and declared by a competent judge, which may be a foreseeable result of such infringement or negligence, but will not be responsible for losses or damages not foreseeable. The losses or damages are foreseeable in case they were an obvious consequence of the breach of these Conditions by Pariwana Hostels or if they were contemplated by Pariwana Hostels and the Customer at the time of the conclusion of the Contract.
8.2 The Customer accepts that Pariwana Hostels will only supply its facilities, products and services to the Customer for private use and will not incur any liability to the Customer for loss of profits, business losses, business interruption or loss of business opportunities.


9.1 The treatment carried out by Pariwana Hostels of the Customer data adheres to the laws in force on the matter.
9.2 The Customer authorizes Pariwana Hostels to collect all personal data belonging to such Customer such as name, surname, email address, social security number, customer number, passport number or identity card, address, data of contact and information of the bank account number, credit or debit cards and IP number.
9.3 Pariwana Hostels uses personal data for the realization of the Contract and for marketing purposes and as a basis for the creation of statistics and product development of Pariwana Hostels and other related companies. Pariwana Hostels has the right to share your personal information with its partners for advertising and promotions purposes.
9.4 Personal data can be analyzed and grouped for selection, prioritization and marketing planning of Pariwana Hostels, which is called creating profiles.
9.5 As a Customer of Pariwana Hostels, you agree to receive marketing information by mail, telephone, email or text messages and other digital channels. Marketing through email and SMS is regulated in Peruvian Law. Your personal data can be provided to all Pariwana Hostels group offices.
9.6 Personal data are only provided to the authorities when required by law or official order.
9.7 By this document, the Customer accepts and authorizes to be photographed and/or recorded in the facilities of Pariwana Hostels, for which reason he assigns in favor of Pariwana Hostels, the right to use his image in social networks, marketing and other publications ( by any means of reproduction existing or to be created) that the company could do for commercial purposes. In this sense, any photograph and/or video taken by Pariwana Hostels in which the Customer appears will be the exclusive property of Pariwana Hostels, and there is no right to any payment or compensation in favor of the Customer. In case the Customer does not accept what is indicated in this numeral, he must expressly indicate it and sign the corresponding demarcation at Reception.


10.1 The Customer’s rights as a consumer under the current Consumer Protection Legislation will not be affected by these Conditions.
10.2 Pariwana Hostels may transfer its rights and obligations under the Contract to another organization, although it will always inform the Customer in case such transfer takes place, which in no case will affect the Customer’s rights under the Contract.
10.3 Pariwana Hostels will not be liable to the Customer with respect to the breach or delay in fulfilling its obligations, when said breach or delay is due to an event outside the control of Pariwana Hostels (including, among others, the extreme weather conditions, industrial actions or natural catastrophes). If any of these events prevents Pariwana Hostels from satisfying the Reserve, either party may cancel the Contract.
10.4 Pariwana Hostels may periodically change these Conditions without prior notice. However, the version of these Conditions that is in force at the time of the booking will continue to apply to the Contract. Customers are advised to check the Pariwana Hostels website to know the latest version of these Conditions before making the Booking.
10.5 Pariwana Hostels fulfills its obligations under the Personal Data Protection Law. Pariwana Hostels will process the personal data associated with customer and Guests only for the purposes of carrying out their obligations and the exercise of their rights in relation to the Contract. Pariwana Hostels will not provide this personal data to third parties, except for those third parties that provide services to Pariwana Hostels, such as their legal advisers.
10.6 The non-application by Pariwana Hostels of these Conditions will not constitute a waiver of the subsequent application of such stipulation or of any other provision of these Conditions. Said non-application shall not be considered a waiver of any of the previous or subsequent infractions nor shall it constitute a continuous waiver.
10.7 If any competent authority considers any of the stipulations of these Conditions to be invalid or not applicable, in whole or in part, the validity of the rest of the stipulations of these Conditions and the reminder of the stipulation in question will not be seen affected.
10.8 This Contract (including any derivative or associated non-contractual aspect or obligation) will be governed and interpreted according to the laws in force on the matter and will be resolved by the competent judges and tribunals to resolve any conflict (including those related to the non-contractual aspects) arising in relation to it.
10.9 No person who does not constitute any of the parties to the Contract shall have any right in relation to it.