Top 5 Things about Pariwana Cusco

If you’re coming to the tourist backpacker hub of Peru, Cusco, from Pariwana Lima, then you can expect many of the same great features at Pariwana Cusco. Pariwana Cusco was named best hostel in Peru by HostelBookers, and second best on the continent.

Sure, there are all the regular delights that you became accustomed to in Lima, but the Pariwana Cusco offers a few treats that tip it for the best.


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First and foremost is the awesome location and building. The building itself is an old Spanish residence, complete with a grand inner courtyard ringed by stone arcades and a second floor terrace. The setting is simply magical and transports you back to a different time. The stone stairway to the right as you enter the courtyard is particularly marvelous, and touching the banister makes you wonder how many other people have done the same.


The second greatest thing about the Pariwana Cusco is the internet lounge area. The place is beautifully decorated with the artwork resembling photo snapshots from the Sacred Valley and other destinations near to Cusco. There are ample computers that are usually free at some point throughout the day. Planning your next adventure here is easy, since the artwork on the wall remind you of where it was you wanted to go.


The third luxury of Pariwana Cusco that makes it one of the best backpacker’s hostels around is the incredible water pressure and seemingly unlimited supply of hot water. Pariwana Lima boasts warm showers, but the Cusco location blows Lima out of the water, so to speak.


Fourthly, travellers will enjoy the well-stocked kitchen for their own gastronomic attempts. It might get crowded during high season, but there is usually always time throughout the day to hit the stoves. The newly remodeling staff kitchen is also well-stocked, and if you’re missing something from the guest kitchen, you can just inquire about it at the bar.

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That brings us to the fifth small delight that makes Pariwana Cusco great. The breakfast in the morning is the same breakfast you find at Pariwana Lima, but here, you get a free glass of cold orange juice. There’s nothing like a little citrus twang to go along with buttered and jellied bread.