Top 5 - Best Things About Pariwana Lima

Pariwana hostels are already gaining popularity faster than seemingly possible. Their expert marketing crew and superb staff bring Pariwana’s reputation to ears far and wide. People arrive to Pariwana Lima with high expectations after having been at Pariwana Cusco, and surely the Lima site delivers.


Number one thing about Pariwana Lima is its superb location. It sits on the second and third floors of a corner building that overlooks the main Miraflores roundabout, the Ovalo. It’s right across from Kennedy Park, where there are always exhibitions, vendors of picarones and popcorn, and there are always cats and flowers.

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Second thing is the little electrical outlets that you find in the little lockers where you can keep your valuables. We all fear the loss of our most precious things; laptop, tablet, phone, passport, etc. For that, we want the best security our small budgets can afford. Pariwana not only delivers the tough little lockers in plain sight of reception staff, but they come stocked with electrical outlets to keep your devices juiced up. That's a very welcomed touch.



Third thing about Pariwana that is lovely are the bean bags. The movie room doesn’t have one or two; no, it has dozens. You could very well construct a whole fort out of the things if you felt so inclined. Backpackers will appreciate the comfy things to relax on after a long day of travelling adventure.


Fourth thing is the open terrace and bar window panoramic. That’s right; the terrace is spacious and the sun, when it decides to come out, strikes the area dead-on. You can lay back in the lounge chairs for a dab of sun tanning, or hide under the tables’ parasols with a cold brewsky in your palms.

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Fifth thing the hostel has is a great atmosphere thanks in part to the lovely building they’ve found. The granite staircase crawls gently to the second and third floors, foregrounding a expansive stained glass window. The wooden flooring sets a romantic tone for the place, and the big orange hanging light adds a modern touch.


Overall, this list could go on and on, but these are just a few of the particulars that you should look out for with that appreciative traveller’s eye.