Gocta waterfall one of natural wonders

On your list of Peru’s must-be-explored natural wonders, the Gocta Waterfall should definately hit your top three! The waterfall has an astounding height of 771 metres and has been a well hidden secret for many years untill it got uncovered from Peru’s northern jungle in 2003. You can find the Gocta waterfall just outside Chachapoyas, in the Northern Highlands.

Be smart and leave your heavy packs in your hostel in Chachapoyas or Cocachimba. Be prepared for a short bus ride from Chachapoyas to arrive in Cocachimba.  From there a gorgeous 2,5 hour hike follows to be amazed at the botom of this amazing Gocta waterfall.


The hike

The hike from Cocachimba to the Gocta Waterfall is probably the best selling point that local guides use. This does not mean you will need a guide per se – on your own is no problem, just be safe! Don’t forget to take your camara and some batteries as you will keep on clicking your camara non-stop. From one valley, to another incredible steep mountaintrack, the challenges and amazing views follow eachother up minute after minute!

Your destination: amazement

After climbing, jumping, running and rubbing your painfull jaws that probably have been open the entire hike, the reward awaits: the Gocta Waterfall in full glory, looking up up and up to be marvelled with every of its 771 metres. You can play around in the water, take a shower or simply enjoy the beauty of nature .

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At least have a breather, as another trip is waiting, your return! The 2,5 hour walk to get there can either be repeated on a hike back to Cocachimba, or you can smartly arrange for horses that can take you back.