Taking the Bus from Lima to Cusco

For any adventurous backpacker who wants to have a unique Peruvian experience, one of the must-do journeys lies in the Andes. While most international tourists choose to travel from Lima to Cusco either by airplane or via the coastal route that passes through Nazca, a third option exists.

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Heading up into the mountains and then south towards Cusco offers two days of stunning mountain scenery, Incan ruins, llama grazing on the pampas (high-altitude grassy plains) and an aspect of Peruvian culture whose links to the country´s great Incan heritage are every bit as strong as they are to the modern world.


Tourists are few and far between, which means prices are buy overnight cialis lower, and attractions like archaeological sites or natural wonders can be enjoyed all to oneself. You will meet farmers and artisans who speak more Quechua than Spanish, and you will be sure to eat some incredible meals of comida tipica, the traditional regional cooking that is passed down from mother to daughter over generations.


Taking a bus east from Lima will be the high point of anyone´s trip to Peru – guaranteed! The road passes over Ticlio Pass, which at 16000 feet above sea level is the highest paved road, and also the highest railroad line, in the world. From there the road turns south, and winds through a series of valleys hedged in on all sides by huge jagged peaks. Stick your head out the bus window if you can: the grandeur of the mountains is too large to be fully visible from inside the bus.


Halfway through the trip, the pavement ends and the one-lane highway follows along the top of the mountain range. From thousands of feet up in the air, and only a few feet from the edge of the cliffs, your adrenaline will be pumping as you stare out over miles of jaw dropping landscapes.