Surfing the Northern Points of Peru

Late season swells were in full effect when I got back to Lima after a detour to Cusco and Arequipa. Finally, I was back to my favorite place in Miraflores, Pariwana Hostels Lima, to meet a few friends from California for a surf adventure up the coast. Everyone was excited to surf some of the most famous points in the world- from Trujillo to Mancora. After what had been a slow start, the southern hemisphere was finally beginning to kick into gear.


We ventured out of the city to Punta Hermosa (1 hr. taxi south of Lima @ S/. 80 aprox.) before one party weekend in Miraflores’ and a flight to Piura (Piura airport transfer to beach, 2.5 hrs @ S/. 220, or EPPO bus leaving on the hour @ S/. 20 aprox.). In the end, we managed more sessions at Baterias than Piscinas.

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Always a fun place to sit and wait, Lobitos offers the wayfaring surfer a glimpse of the simple life. But dreams of empty Peruvian points are just that- a dream.


If you’re still learning how to catch waves in a competitive line-up, head to Mancora for the warm water and vibrant nightlife. If you have your own equipment and international surf experience, you already know what lies just around the corner.

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Respect the locals. Have fun. Go surfing.