Blog for free bed

Blog For a Free Bed is a project that consists of providing the best information (tips, suggestions, and more!) to our travelers through posts made by other travelers. Explore South America - the Pariwana way!


  • 2 articles, 4 paragraphs each (4 or 5 lines each paragraph)
  • The article must contain about 250 - 300 words approx.
  • The article must be about Peru or Chile (food, destinations, activities, etc) or places close to those (such as borders).
  • Specific topics about a place, nothing vague. For example: "How much is a ticket to Macchu Picchu?" or "Getting to Macchu Picchu in 2 days without taking the train".
  • Must mention Pariwana at least once per post.
  • The reward will be a free night at a dorm for every two articles.
  • Articles must have at least 3 photos related to the topic, you can use photos from Internet (in high resolution, please!).

Steps to follow

  1. Define topics and write the articles. No more and no less than 2.
  2. Send them 72 hours before the free night to
  3. Wait for approval
  4. Enjoy your free night in a dorm!