Why Work at pariwana

Travelling around is only as great as the people you meet. Yes, the scenery and the ancient stories hidden in the architectural wonders are of course our reason for traveling in the first place, but those things are made infinitely more wonderful thanks to the good times we share with other backpackers we meet at hostels.

Pariwana offers you a chance to hang around for free in exchange for a little elbow grease on your part. That’s right; work for Pariwana, meet a ton of backpackers and adventure-seekers just like you. Sometimes we have to stop traveling to really get to know a place, to feel a part of it. Pariwana’s system of work-exchange is a perfect way to accomplish this.


The hostel is constantly looking for enthusiastic and outgoing individuals to complement their already wonderful staff. You’ll be working alongside Peruvians as well as other travelers, so you get the best of both worlds. The positions that are most often available are bartending and working at reception.


The bartending position will have you working for around 5 hours 6 days a week, as will the receptionist job. You have to commit for a minimum of 2 weeks, but it’s not unlikely that you’ll end up staying months! Along with free accommodation, you’re given half-off on all food and drink.


The positions open up regularly at both Pariwana Lima and Pariwana Cusco. The locations of the hostels allow you to really enjoy the setting, and the workload is just. Build your resume while traveling, making friends, and learning the language!

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I’ve worked at Pariwana for a while now. I began at reception, and when the head dudes learned that I enjoy writing, they had me start to beef up their blog with my stories, which I hope you’ve been enjoying! I am testament to the awesomeness of the deal. I’ve made many lasting friendships and have been able to improve my Spanish while doing it.


So what are you waiting for? Inquire at the front desk about open positions!