Visiting the beautiful Lake Titicaca and the majestic Cusco city

Since June 30th I have been travelling around Peru and it has been such an eventful, fun journey so far. On 13th July, I visited Lake Titicaca for 2 days and it was the most idyllic, beautiful lake I have ever seen. Crisp blue water, and great opportunities to walk up the mountains to get better views, it really was an amazing experience I’ll never forget. My sister and I booked a tour via Pariwana Hostel and it was well organised and didn’t let us down - unlike other tours we had booked.

We went to 3 Islands, Uros, Amantani on the first day, and Taquille on the second day. They all had different things to offer. I think my favourite part of the experience was experiencing life as an Inka. We wore traditional clothes, ate typical food, and spent a night in their homes. It was incredible to see how they love!

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Visiting the beautiful Lake Titicaca and the majestic Cusco city - Pariwana-hostel

Peru really has been an amazing place to visit, aside from Lake Titicaca, my favourite place has to be Cusco. I have stayed in Cusco from 6th July to the present day (15th July), with trips to Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley in between. It’s colonial, friendly, pretty and has a great atmosphere. Additionally, it probably offers the widest range of activities and the most things to do. Not only are Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley nearby, but also there are bike rides, walking tours, other hikes, zip lining and many more. Cusco has a really positive vibe about it, and becoming attached to the city isn’t hard - by the time I leave I’ll have stayed here for 3 weeks, and even that’s not enough. I think my favourite activity in cusco has to have been seeing the sacred valley in Chinchero. To enter the Sacred Valley it is normally 20 sol (4 English pounds), or if you´re lucky you can get in for free. Moreover, a local bus to Chinchero is only 9 or 10 sol for a return, which makes Chinchero a cheap option which also offers amazing scenery, with a view of the Andes not far away.

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