have a nice experience in Laguna Llanganuco

Sometimes a backpacker has had enough of high-demanding treks. The Ancash region of Peru has so many trails to offer the trekking enthusiast that he might get dizzy just trying to decide which he wants to tackle.

After going on a few of the quick treks, or even after hiking a long one like Santa Cruz, perhaps you’ll want to chill out and enjoy a breezy tour. Perhaps you’ll just want to take a drive to some beautiful lakes.

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This is where the Lagunas Llanganuco become very a attractive option. These lakes lay within the Parque Nacional Huascaran just west of the town of Yungay. Yungay is known for having been the sight of many fatalities in a 1970 earthquake, that same one which destroyed much of Huaraz, so be thoughtful when passing through a town that is known as hallowed ground.

The minivan that takes you up to the lagoons from Yungay costs around 20 sols for a round-trip ride, but you can also jump on a tour from Huaraz. Any way you swing it, the cost will have to include the 5 sol entry to the park as well.

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The lagoons are incredible. The road goes right by them, so you can even stop and get out if you were so inclined. It’s a great way to see the beauty of glacial lakes without having to spend money and energy on a hike. Once you get there, you could decide to hike around the lakes. The trail takes between one and two hours to circumnavigate, and brings you to great positions for some vistas over the lakes.

These two lagoons are perfect examples of glacial water bodies, as their blue turquoise surface glistens under the sky. You better get back on that tour van if you don’t want to be caught sleeping in the alpine cold.