Green Toad Bus Passes

Local transport in Peru is a great way to backpack around Peru, and the Green Toad Buss Passes make it safe, easy & fun!

It is so simple! Choose a starting point, purchase a Peru bus pass to your final destination, and choose how long you wish to stay in each destination along the way. Backpacking Peru could not be easier! You even choose your own accommodation, or reserve at one of the great recommended hostels such as Pariwana hostel Lima or Pariwana hostel Cusco. With a Green Toad Bus Pass, you have plenty of time to reach your final destination.

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So what does this mean for you? Backpack Peru the way you want to travel it, not on a tour which tells you when and what you are doing. But have the peace of mind of a Peru Bus ticket to take yourself from one town, city or attraction, to the next. This means that if you want to do a week long volunteer project in Arequipa, you can easily catch a bus a week later to your next destination.

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In Cusco you have all the time you need to do the Inca Trail with Green Toad Bus Tours, the Lares Trek or simply traverse the Sacred Valley on your way to the amazing ruins of Machu Picchu, while exploring the Lake Titicaca islands from Puno in Peru, or Copacabana in Bolivia, knowing that you have your bus ticket for the next day, next week or next month if you desire.


The Green Toad Bus recommends staying at the Pariwana Hostels while backpacking around Peru!