How to Get to a Professional Futbol (Soccer) Game in Lima

Futbol, or soccer, is the national sport of Peru so you can’t miss a game while you’re in town. I recently went to a game and found out the inside scoop on some of the teams, stadiums and how to get tickets.

1. How can I find out when and where a game is being played?
  • Look online for “Peru primera division tickets”., for example, shows the schedule.
  • Ask at your friendly Pariwana Hostel front desk or travel desk.
  • Grab a newspaper.
  • Ask a few locals. Usually they know when the next major futbol game is on.

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2. What team should I see play?
  • Alianza Lima and Univeristario are two of the most popular teams and the biggest rivals.
  • Universidad San Martin is a newer team that is also gaining popularity.


3. How to get there?

  • Estadio Monumental “U” is probably the largest stadium in Lima boasting over 80,000 seats.
  • It can be 30 minutes to an hour drive from Miraflores depending on traffic.
  • Take a marked cab and share with friends if possible or inquire about local buses headed there.
  • If you have a car, there is parking on site.
  4. How much should a ticket cost There are two types of tickets:
  • Local tickets (tickets in the fun/crazy section): S./10- If you’re up for an excited crowd with the off chance of a fight, then this is the right choice for you. Make sure to wear the right colors.
  • Preferencia tickets (for families/tourists): S./60 – This area attracts a more affluent and calmer crowd. Definitely the safe choice.

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5. Tips for the game
  • Leave valuables at your hostel, pickpockets abound.
  • Try to go at least 30 minutes early to get a good seat in the middle.
  • Bring a sweater for afternoon games going into the evening…it can get surprisingly cold.
  • After the game, look out for drunk or rowdy fans fighting with the police and steer clear.