Cusco's Boleto Turistico

Welcome to the cultural hub of Peru. Once checked in to Pariwana Cusco, you’ll want to make the best of your time in order to see all the sights that Cusco has to offer. There are plenty of free sites, including the ChocoMuseum, the numerous interesting Incan walls of precision-cut stones, the university, several churches and all the lovely plazas, but for everything else you’ll need to get your hands on the Boleto Turistico.


The Tourist Ticket is an all-encompassing ticket that you’ll have to purchase in order to see certain sites. Some places allow you to purchase s ticket separately, but most will require the tourist ticket of you. In any case, the tourist ticket actually saves the backpacker some cash, that is, if you use it to its fullest.

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Travellers will find the ticket at the Oficina Ejecutive del Comite on Avenida Sol. The staff at Pariwana can give you an easy-to-read map and tell you how to get there. As you might have expected, there are several kinds of tickets.


The full ticket costs 130 soles. It is valid for ten days and at all of the sites. Backpackers should hope to be able to get their hands on the second ticket; the student ticket. Surely you were a student at some point, so you have an old student card sitting around somewhere. Maybe you can convince the folks at the counter that you’re still studying environmental engineering or history or whatever it was you spent 5 years of your life doing. If you actually are a student, you might have the ISIC international student card. The ticket has the same validity as the regular ticket, only it costs 60 sols less. The final ticket is a partial ticket, which is only valid for one day and at a set number of sites.


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The Boleto Turistico allows backpackers to visit museums, historical buildings, and Incan ruins. Here’s a list of all the sites the ticket is good for: Santa Cataline Monastery, Museo Municipal de Arte Contemporáneo, Museo Historico Regional, Museo del Sitio del Qoricancha, Museo de Arte Popular, Centro Qosqo de Arte Nativo Danzas Folklórico, and Monumento Pachacuteq. As for sites outside of Cusco, the ticket gets you into Sacsayhuaman, Qengo, Pukapukara, Tambomachay, Chinchero and the ruins of Pisaq, Ollantaytambo, Tipón and Pikillacta.