Crossing the border of Bolivia to Pariwana Cusco

I arrived in Cusco from Copacabana and thus had to cross the border between Bolivia and Peru. Our bus stopped at the border, 20 minute drive outside Copacabana and waited for us while we went into the Bolivian border check. The check point was very quick, much quicker than my experience coming from Argentina to Bolivia.

After around 15 minutes I had my stamp from Bolivia and walked the short (2 minute) walk to the Peruvian border.


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The Peruvian border crossing was even quicker; I waited for less than 5 minutes before getting my passport stamped with no problems.

I am from England and so was given a free visa for 90 days. This is perfect for me because it is enough time to see all the sights that Peru has to offer. The passport officer gave me an immigration card which I must keep until I leave the country.

It is also very useful for hostels like Pariwana in Cusco because when you present it to them they reduce your accommodation fee by removing the tax that you would normally have to pay if you were a citizen.

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I arrived in Cusco at around 2am and decided to get a taxi to my hostel because I didn´t want to walk around with my belongings at night. The taxi cost 20 soles between 4 of us and was around 10 minutes long. Initially I stayed at another hostel but after several good reviews from friends and Trip Advisor we decided to change hostel. The staff at check in were very professional and efficient and we got our beds and lockers organized in a matter of minutes.


Pariwana is the best hostel I have stayed in so far. It has a kitchen which is a must for a backpacker on a budget, but also does great food in the bar. The atmosphere is really good too, everyone is really friendly and the bar puts on great events. The mix of music played throughout the day is also well thought out; they know what type of music people what at different times and it keeps you in a great mood.