Mancora and its delicious seafood

Ok, so you’ve finally found your way to the beach party capital of Peru, Mancora. That’s all well and good, but this article won’t bore you with specific options for restaurants. Instead, this article is meant to present you with the typical dishes of the northern coast of Peru, in order to inspire you to get out there and find the food for yourself. The adventure is always more rewarding if you make the journey yours.


Unfortunately there is no Pariwana in Mancora, yet, but there are plenty of hostels for the shoestring backpacker to set up camp at. The journey from Lima takes a bit over 15 hours, but it’s a trip well worth it. The hot sun and tropical breezes set up not only the scene, but have had an impact on the culinary variety of the region as well.


More southern coastal areas were exposed to a stronger Andean influence, but the northern coast retained a sort of anonymity in terms of cultural evolution. Like in everything Peruvian, you can find most dishes in Lima, but they’ll be expensive. Better to get on the road and bus it to Mancora. The dishes this article describes can also be found in the transit hub of Piura, which makes for a good sojourn on your way to Tumbes and Ecuador.


The most popular dish you’ll find in Mancora and the northern coast is a form of ceviche. In Peru, they call it cebiche. In the north, the cebiche de conchas negras is the flagship. Anywhere else you’ll be paying twice as much for the black clam ceviche. It comes with those toasted kernels of corn that are so right with the lemon marinated mariscos. If you miss your chance to try it, it’s also a popular dish in Ecuador.


Shambar is a wheat and pork rind soup that has bits of smoked ham, green onions, beans and our favorite toasted corn (cancha) in it. Look for shambar on Mondays. Then you have you delicious secos. Seco de cabrito is a goat stew with coriander and whose meats are marinated in chincha or beer…mmm. Seco de chavelo you’ll find in Piura, which is cecina stewed with banana, aji and yucca.

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Mancora might be a party center, but you’ll also find great food, great company, and great sunsets. Enjoy it!