Surfing the Northern Points of Peru

Late season swells were in full effect when I got back to Lima after a detour to Cusco and Arequipa. Finally, I was back to my favorite place in Miraflores, Pariwana Hostels Lima, to meet a few friends from California for a surf adventure up the coast.

Feliz Patrias in Arequipa

Arequipa is an old place that holds close to its Spanish roots.It’s a city in a valley with three massive volcanoes (Misti, Chachani & Picchu Picchu) that have been the focus of folklore and tribal wanderings across cultures past and present.

Camana in the Offseason

Camana is a popular tourist destination, but not for most international backpackers. During the summer months of December through March Peruvians flock to this bustling south coast town, flooding downtown hotels and hostels, filling the beachfront accommodations and saturating the beachfront.

The Jewel of Ayacucho

For those backpackers who have had enough of the hordes of tourists who swarm around Cusco, Ayacucho is a great place to head next.

Mancora beach – Backpacker hot spot

Say the word beach in Peru and immediately the name Mancora will fall. Mancora is known for its waves and gorgeous beaches and is located some 1200 kilometers north of capital Lima. A bus from Lima will take you around 16 hours and cost between 120-180 soles aprox.

Best Tips on Travel in Cusco

Cusco is the most visited cities in Peru, and one of the most visited in the entire of the continent. As such, it has a lot of transportation options to choose from. Peru does not have the best domestic travel services, but the system is quite functional.