Chiclayo the Friendship Capital

If you haven’t heard of the 4th largest Peruvian city, then perhaps you have heard its nickname, “The Friendship Capital”. Why the bizarre nickname? Chiclayo, simply enough, is known as the friendliest city in the nation.

Miraflores´s cafes

I arrived in Peru, a country many travelers visit in order to embark on multi-day treks without any contact with civilization, lugging a laptop and a fair amount of work to get done.

The Nice Beaches of Miraflores

By Morgan Addams

I awoke this morning with a desire to go to the beach. From the Pariwana Hostel, I started to walk west toward the water and away from the sun. Along the way there are many stores one could shop at, literally something for everyone and every need.

Travel tips for boat travel in the Peruvian Amazon – Part 3: Colectivos (community lanchas)

By Campbell Plowden ( special report for the Pariwana Hostel Blog

In the first part of this series (Travel tips for large lanchas), I offered tips for backpackers traveling between Iquitos and other major points in the northern Peruvian Amazon like the Brazilian frontier, Pucallpa, and Yurimaguas in the large lanchas (ferries) that are slow and relatively inexpensive.