The Wondrous Paron and Caraz

The stretch of valley from Huaraz to Caraz, known as the Callejon de Huaylas, is already a spectacular backpacking route, with plenty of options for camping and accommodation.

From a full time job to a surf trip in Peru

Last week I was in Montreal, in a job I didn’t like too much and didn’t pay enough. I was thinking about my friend Sacha who was currently in Ecuador and Peru trekking and surfing… Ohh I envied him. Snow started falling in Montreal and I got 2 more parking tickets to add up on my 10+ pile of white and red papers. I got an email from work for a meeting on Monday morning and surprisingly (and happily) got laid off.

Is Lima already considered a must?

No doubt! The question is how many days you should stay, which depends on the number of days of your travel plans. Lima has many formats. Lima is the beautiful old Downtown Lima, but it is also the modern cosmopolitan Miraflores. Lima is its amazing Peruvian food (important reason to stay at least 3 days), but it is also gorgeous international-Peruvian restaurants.