Mancora and its delicious seafood

Ok, so you’ve finally found your way to the beach party capital of Peru, Mancora. That’s all well and good, but this article won’t bore you with specific options for restaurants.

Eat safe in Lima with our practical food-tips

No matter where you go in the world, a person needs to eat! Hence, the questions quickly turns into; how is the food in Lima, is it spicy at all, what should I avoid, is everything clean and fresh and what to do when the food decides to turn on you?

The Essential Peruvian Street Food

You’re already traveling as a backpacker in one of the culinary capitals of the world. Peru’s food is touted as some of the most culturally diverse on the planet, and journeying from the north to south, east and west is one of the best ways to experience this gastronomic wonder.

Chinese Peruvian Food

Traveling around Peru will have you sampling food in one of the most gastronomical diverse landscapes in the world.

Tips on Safe Cheap Food

Peru is renowned for its gastronomic capacity to please backpackers and travellers alike. As a cheap traveller who likes to prepare, you’re interested in finding out about food quality in the country. It is true that sanitary standards are lower here than in the Western world, a reflection of not just lower education in certain areas, but mainly as a lack of resources to control it all.