Green Toad Bus Passes

Local transport in Peru is a great way to backpack around Peru, and the Green Toad Buss Passes make it safe, easy & fun!

Pariwana, Best hostel in Peru & 2nd in South America

Since the start of Pariwana Hostels we have been working hard and with a lot of fun. This has resulted in receiving two great awards for all the effort we put into spoiling our backpackers with a true Peruvian experience.

Is Lima already considered a must?

No doubt! The question is how many days you should stay, which depends on the number of days of your travel plans. Lima has many formats. Lima is the beautiful old Downtown Lima, but it is also the modern cosmopolitan Miraflores. Lima is its amazing Peruvian food (important reason to stay at least 3 days), but it is also gorgeous international-Peruvian restaurants.

Bartender Wanted

Looking for a great job in Lima or Cusco? We have a great bartender vacancy available for you in our Pariwana Hostel Lima and Cusco.