Find a Safe Hostel or Hotel

Finding a good, secure place to stay wherever you’re visiting is essential to staying safe for the rest of your visit. While it can be tempting to walk around and try to find ‘the best deal’ or the ‘coolest place’ once you’re on the ground, it’s a good idea to find a place to stay for your first night beforehand, and avoid walking around with all of your belongings, which leaves you in a vulnerable position.

Best tips on How to Stay Safe in Peru

The first thing you should remember is that there’s a lot of fear-mongering out there, and the likelihood that someone robs you is in fact very low. You can increase your chances by ignoring all the tips in this blog post, but who want’s that kind of story to tell?

Cusco's Boleto Turistico

Welcome to the cultural hub of Peru. Once checked in to Pariwana Cusco, you’ll want to make the best of your time in order to see all the sights that Cusco has to offer. There are plenty of free sites, including the ChocoMuseum, the numerous interesting Incan walls of precision-cut stones, the university, several churches and all the lovely plazas, but for everything else you’ll need to get your hands on the Boleto Turistico.

Superb Cusco Nightlife Options

If you’re coming from Pariwana Lima, you might think nothing can beat that location, which is close to all the great bars and clubs of Miraflores. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you throw your backpack to your bed and hit the night scene in Cuzco.