Peru welcomes first timers

With a lot of good luck and a $230 rt ticket Heidi and I left LA for our first south american adventure. Two surprisingly comfortable Taca flights, two Spanish dubbed children's movies to aid our broken Spanish, and two meals only consisting of carbs later, we arrived in Lima.

The Pariwana Hostel

You gonna visit the beautiful Inka-town Cusco and you`re looking for a special place to stay at? I can highly recommend the Pariwana Hostel which you can find in Lima as well, because you`ll be welcome and treated as a friend.

Bus Adventure from Lima to Cusco

An hour until our bus departs to Cusco we grab our bags, leave Pariwana Hostel and hail a cab. The first cab says no. The next cab takes a close look at my Cruz Del Sur bus recipient, and we begin to haggle. I saw, "amigo 10 soles". He laughs and says no, 15. I look back at a Frowning Hedi and say fuck it, ok. She looks disappointed in my weak attempt. However my mind is focused sharp on getting to the bus station on time.

The Wondrous Paron and Caraz

The stretch of valley from Huaraz to Caraz, known as the Callejon de Huaylas, is already a spectacular backpacking route, with plenty of options for camping and accommodation.

Find a Safe Hostel or Hotel

Finding a good, secure place to stay wherever you’re visiting is essential to staying safe for the rest of your visit. While it can be tempting to walk around and try to find ‘the best deal’ or the ‘coolest place’ once you’re on the ground, it’s a good idea to find a place to stay for your first night beforehand, and avoid walking around with all of your belongings, which leaves you in a vulnerable position.