The beautiful and mysterious Nazca Lines

Along the same highway that brings you from Lima to Cusco lays a high plateau that dazzles the imagination. Backpackers traveling through will probably make their way to the far end of the plateau, where the small city of Nazca is located. The city itself has plenty of hostels and hotels, but there are also a number of camping options if you have the appropriate gear.

Tarapoto The City of Palms

The Lonely Planet describes Tarapoto as “a sweltering jungle metropolis”. While it is a bit far from being a metropolis, this is definitely a hot vestige of the vast Peruvian jungle. Whether you have been traveling in the cool Northern highlands, or along the coast which is cold during our summer months, or perhaps just finished trekking in Huaraz, Tarapoto is a welcome change in climate where you can finally put on some shorts and get an ice-cream of an exotic flavour (granadilla? guanávana? chirimoya? -- it's your pick!).

Museums: why not Leymebamba?

Does the word “Leymebamba” sound familiar? Probably not, which is a shame. Leymebamba is a small town in the department of Amazonas, close to the start of the Amazon forest.

Lobitos – Peru’s Next Big Beach Town

Lobitos is located on Peru’s north coast, just a few hours south of Mancora. Currently, Lobitos is an isolated destination that isn’t easy to reach. However, like many beach towns in Peru, South America and around the world, Lobitos is gaining popularity for it’s amazing waves.