The Junin Stretch

From Huanuco the road heads up into the high Andes. This is where the immense Junin Lake sits. It is the second biggest alpine lake in the country after Lago de Titicaca.

The Road to Lima!

Welcome to Lima, which just so happens to be the birthplace of Pariwana hostels. That’ll be your first order of business upon arriving in the Peruvian mega-capital of Lima.

Calendar List of Festivals in Peru

A perfect way to make your trip worth all the time and money is to coincide it will one of the country’s national or regional festivals.

Awakening in the Peruvian Paradise

Peru is an immense country of diverse culture, gastronomy, and people. You simply can’t satisfy yourself completely unless you somehow figure out how to see the entire nation.

The Jewel of Ayacucho

For those backpackers who have had enough of the hordes of tourists who swarm around Cusco, Ayacucho is a great place to head next.