The Biggest Fortress in Peru

Contrary to popular belief, Machu Pichu is not the biggest stone structure in the country. In fact, the biggest stone structure is located on the opposite side of the country altogether! That structure is the massive fortress of Kuelap.

Eat and party safely in Peru

Two important and basic needs any backpacker in Peru has, are something affordable and nice to eat and a good place to party hardy from time to time. Peru excels in both aspects in many ways, with a lively party scene at night and culinary highlights throughout the day.

Pariwana's Best Bar Nights

Pariwana Cusco’s bar is a great place to socialize and meet other adventurous backpackers traveling through South America and Peru. The artwork is big and dominating, and the tables are large, not unlike the tables you might find at a German beer fest.

Leaving the tourist areas

Many cities in Peru have relatively concentrated ‘tourist areas,’ and one way to stay safe is to stick to these areas places, call taxis from your hotel and use other precautions that may limit your full experience of the city.