10 Seafood Dishes You MUST Try in Lima

In the last 5 years, Peru has gained worldwide recognition for the explosion of its gastronomy. Restaurants such as Astrid and Gaston, Central and Maido are positioned as the best in the world and there is a reason: Peruvian food.

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When we talk about Peruvian food we have to talk about variety, and it is very difficult to recommend only one thing when they ask us something about food. So we decided to divide their cuisine by sections, so, you can read and decide what to eat and why eat it, and today, we have brought 10 marine dishes that everyone SHOULD try when they are in Lima.

Chupe de Camarones (soup)

It is safe to say that this is one of the favorite soups of all Peruvians. Creamy, spicy, different and abundant, the shrimp suck is a dish made with milk, yes, although it sounds strange to some, this milk soup is an attack of colors and flavors once you try it.



Parihuela (soup)

One of the favorites, the mixture of fish, seafood and ajies is simply spectacular. Officially known as one of the dishes "rises dead" of Peruvian food (also known as "cure" the hangover), is a hearty dish that is very good to eat between two.



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Seafood Chaufa

Chaufa rice is a flagship dish in Peru, in fact, you can find it in any "chifa", Peruvian-Chinese restaurants that specialize in this type of food. This "twist" that was given to the chaufa is one of the best: instead of chicken or beef, they sauté it with all kinds of seafood making a work of gastronomic art.



Rice with seafood

Classic rice that you have to try in Peru. Unlike seafood chaufa, which uses soy sauce to make rice, to cook rice with seafood, they use a mother sauce that allows them to marinate for a day so that they will take on more flavor. It is one of the most consumed dishes locally, and it must be something.



Tacu tacu stuffed with seafood

Explaining Tacu Tacu is not easy, and when you see it you do not know exactly what it is. The rice and the fritoles (usually they are beans, but they also make them of chickpeas, pallares, lentils, etc) fry them in a special sauce, but before closing it, they fill them with this sauce of freshly made seafood. Every time you give the rice dough a spoonful, the juice of the sauce drips on the plate, have we  already said that it is one of our  favorite dishes?



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Fish ceviche

If Peruvian food is known in the world, one of the dishes that causes this,  is ceviche. Raw fish cooked with lemon, salt, garlic, onion and cilantro. The preparation of the ceviche will depend a lot on the person who cooks it, it can come with fried plantain (chifle) if it is from the north, or with potato if it is from the sierra, or sweet potato if it is from the coast. In all its presentations and colors, ceviche is one of the best dishes of Peru.



Tiradito de pescado

They are long strips of raw fish served with sauces of different colors and flavors (most of them spicy). The main difference with the ceviche is the cut of the fish, and that it does not come with choclo or canchita as an accompaniment.



Tiger’s milk

In the past, tiger milk was called the juice that remains when preparing ceviche. Now it has been re-empowered and added different things to make it much more enjoyable.



Clams with lemon

The freshest you can find in Peruvian seafood. The clams are served with a lemon-based sauce that cooks them at their exact point to be served.



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